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The NetTPS process
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  NetTPS™ allows your clients to explore their deepest values, without compromise, sentimentality or evasion.

  It develops more objective perspectives and better decisions.

  It explores solutions and strategies that best suit individual and team¬ís fundamental values.

  It enhances the confidence, energy
and inner resolve that already exist in your clients.

  It highlights hot buttons and blind spots that cause barriers to realizing better performance and job satisfaction.

  It aligns values and talents with individual commitments.

  It re-ignites conscious choice in the individual, team or organization to clarify possibilities and the right fit for everyone to make best use of their strengths.

  It uses clear, objective, easy to understand criteria to map individual or team values.

  It covers true values, not learned behaviors or copied responses.

  It lets people link specific actions to likely outcomes.

  It help them learn how help others become more skillful in developing good working relationships.

  It is available via the Internet 24/7.

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Our approach begins with understanding the person's values and how well they work in his or her current working context.  There are no prejudgments.  Everything is relative to its specific circumstances.  NetTPS™ is highly flexible and equally suitable for use with individual, teams or whole organizations.

The Collection Phase

The collection phase uses questionnaires located on our secure Internet site. Each set of questions is designed to provoke thought and insight to collect raw data. With total privacy assured, people can proceed through the process exactly when they want—starting and finishing whenever it suits their schedules.

The Exploration Phase

When data collection is complete, we compile and analyze each client's responses and email full, professional reports to the NSP, maintaining the direct, exclusive relationship between coach and client. You share the results in a detailed validation, exploration and planning session with your client, where all aspects of the diagnostic are reviewed and discussed in depth. In this phase, the client is helped to translate each set of results into personally compelling insights about how he or she typically interacts with the world; and how to make any changes needed to realize the potential that is not being accessed.

The Action Phase

NSP’s work with their clients on awareness and conscious choice, and describing it fully, so it becomes the focus of purposeful action.  By drawing attention to blockages that interfere with progress, clients can then formulate practical action based on goals that are realistic and dynamic.  Facilitation and coaching is used to provide the support and direction needed to build short-term credibility, so that the opportunities needed to activate learning and experience will be made available. 

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