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Q:  What was the basis for the development of NetTPS™?

A:  The greatest influence on NetTPS™ has probably been the work of Viktor Frankl and his brand of humanistic psychology.  Both major on the crucial importance of meaning and choice in directing human affairs.  Other well known approaches that have something in common with NetTPS™ include Appreciative Inquiry and Daniel Goldman’s work on Emotional Intelligence.  Neither are direct influences and Appreciative Inquiry did not appear until NetTPS™ was more or less complete.  Perhaps it would be fairest to say that they were cases of parallel evolution that deal with topics that are also important to NetTPS™.

Q: How do you know NetTPS™ works?

A: The underlying system has been used successfully over the last 20 years with thousands of people from around the world.

Q: How do people realize their purpose once they discover it?

A: The most important element is a commitment to working with what has been discovered. As people recognize and confront automatic habits of thinking and behavior, they open the gate to different choices. Once you understand why you act as you do and how to make new choices, you naturally want to integrate that learning into your daily activities. This immediately opens up many fresh avenues for the Solutions Provider to follow through.

Q: When would someone typically use NetTPS™?

A: NetTPS™ addresses how people, teams and businesses can best develop to align with their core values, deepest motivations and strongest commitments.  It should be used to bring clarity to purpose and direction.

Q: How are results delivered?

A: We send all the results by email to the relevant NSP. You work directly with your clients to explore the implications, generate insights and set out a plan of action.

Q: NetTPS™ is distributed through a community of certified professional coaches and consultants, called NetTPS™ Solutions Providers (NSP’s).

A: Members of the community are professionals in business coaching or consulting or operate a private life coaching practice. NSP’s who work with individuals incorporate NetTPS™ into their work as way of enhancing their insights into the needs, value structure, and behavioral tendencies of their clients. Those who work at the corporate level use NetTPS™ to explore roles and responsibilities, clarify reporting relationships, assist in team building, and improve individual and team performance.

Q: Is this the right approach for you?

A: To become a NetTPS™ solutions provider and join our community requires completion of certification training to a high professional standard. Typically, we look forapplicants among certified coaches with established practices and a good track record of success. We will also accept people with professional managerial qualifications whose job history shows a substantial period spent in relevant work.

Before you apply to train as a NetTPS™ solutions provider, please ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you ready to explore your own deepest values, without compromise, sentimentality
    or evasion?
  2. Can you display the confidence needed to help people grapple with their confusion,
    indecision and anxieties?
  3. Do you have a logical, clear-eyed approach to emotional issues? Can you
    stay objective and focused?
  4. Are you ready to balance compassion with an equal concern for helping people accept
    the truth about who and what they are?
  5. Can you stay objective enough to let people make their own journey of discovery?
    And patient enough to give them the time they need?

If you answered “yes” to all these questions, we will be delighted to hear from you.

Q: How much does NetTPS cost to use?

A: Prices are charged on an subscription basis. The only additional costs are for initial training.  Initial purchases may be by cash or credit card. Large users may qualify for credit terms after normal credit checks.

Q: What does ‘certification’ mean?

A: Certified NetTPS™ Solutions Providers have successfully completed the basic training and certification program.   This training gives the skills and knowledge needed to use NetTPS™ with individuals. It is an eight week Telecourse and practical program.  

Advanced certification requires an additional training and allows Solutions Providers to use NetTPS™at the scales of teams and organizations.  There is a pre-requisite for this training program: completion of basic training and a minimum usage of 50 individual debriefs.

All NSPs operate according to a straightforward license agreement that includes standards of behavior and ethics to ensure our reputation and yours is protected.

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To reserve a test drive of the system, please send us an email with your name, phone number, and a suitable time when we can contact you with the details and passcodes that you will need. Click here to request a test drive>>

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