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The Basics Values

NetTPS™ focuses on identifying and leveraging those corevalues that drive us all. The resulting exploration enables people to increase the range and power of their contributions in ways that match their purpose and desire for growth.

The NetTPS™ approach is based on the fundamental principle that core values are the drivers of action, and the premise that values are the origin and location of our sense of who we are.

Values tell us what is good, bad, right, wrong, and important or not worth bothering about. They are so familiar and automatic that we rarely recognize it when they operate, but they can stop any thought, action or conscious choice before it begins to register in our minds.

When people understand their values, and act on that understanding, they naturally operate from conscious choice and a sense of meaning and purpose. Only when we make the decision to become conscious about what we are doing — and how well it works for us — can we decide to do something different and develop a strong sense of purpose to enable us to persist in our choice long enough to eradicate former habits and make growth sustainable.

If you have any questions about the benefits of NetTPS™ to your coaching or consulting business, please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss the options with you.

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The Importance of Values in Human Motivation
Research in human behavior confirms our position that values and emotions typically play a greater role in decisions then thinking. We usually do what we believe is right, not what seems logical or rational. Our mental analysis of events is easily overturned by our feelings.

This is the basis for the current research and interest in Emotional Intelligence: that intellectual intelligence — long seen as the only kind — has to be balanced by emotional insight and understanding, especially in any sphere that includes relationships, leadership or the motivation of others.

NetTPS™ takes it one step further. While agreeing that emotions are often far more powerful in leading us to think or act in certain ways than mere thought, we have sought out the causes of those emotions: VALUES.

NetTPS™ places values — the underlying producers of emotions, beliefs and motivation — at the center of its focus. Our sense of purpose or belief in what is right and true, and our concerns in the areas of focus are all based on our values. Our values tell us what is right and provide our sense of meaning.

What does NetTPS™ provide?
NetTPS™ techniques focus on balancing needs and enhancing conscious choice and development. They are available through a community of certified users only.

It is a framework that allows for very quick access to what is of core importance to individuals, teams or organizations and sets the foundation for shifting and moving forward with direction, focus and purpose.

It is a customer-centric, systems-based approach. It sees values as the most fundamental element in behavior, emotions as the most frequent basis for decisions, and habits and assumptions as the greatest blockages to progress.

It is ideally suited for use with individual, teams and whole organizations arranged on almost any basis.

A Brief History
NetTPS™ was first developed in 1997 and has been used by individuals and corporations throughout the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and other parts of the English-speaking world.

PNA Inc., formed in 1999, is now the sole supplier of NetTPS™ systems worldwide. Our aim is to make NetTPS™ available to selected professionals who share our focus on working with strengths and encouraging people and organizations to make the very best use of their natural advantages. We expect high standards, just as we set ourselves. We also expect members of our community to be willing to think for themselves and incorporate NetTPS™ into their offering in the best way to benefit all concerned.

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